Huron Speed 2010+ Camaro SS Turbo Kit - Premium Bundle Package!
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We are releasing ou latest/greatest 5th gen Kit this month, November 2016! With this, sales for the single kit have been put on hold while we focus on the new twin kit. We may bring this single kit back out if there is enough interest. It would be in a gorup purchase format and require at least 12 people to commit via deposit. Pricing would be CHEAPER than here in this format. If interested in this, make a post on the Camaro5 and we will follow it to see gained interest. Stay tuned for the twin kit as we will post to our main site: , Camaro5 Forum, as well as our Facebook page. It will be an extremely complete Twin Kit that places the turbos off the sides of the engine using factory manifolds OR our optional turbular manifolds that clear 6-bolt heads! Fits Full T4 turbos for all of your big power needs! Standard with Full 3" Downpipes, nice intake tubing set-up off each turbo getting filters up high and away from any water/heat! Stay tuned and if you have any questions on the NEW Twin Kit or the Single kit here, please email: Thanks!


Huron Speed is excited to introduce our new 5th gen 2010+ Camaro SS Single T4 Turbo Kit

We are adding in a few top of the line components with this package to get you a very complete turbo kit that will perform to the peak. This would be the "Bells and Whistles."



-Extremely Strong and thick Stainless Steel Sch. 10 v-banded manifolds - Ceramic Coated Black 2000*F

-Stainless Steel v-banded T4 Crossover pipe with extra large wastegate merge for 44-46mm waste gate - Ceramic Coated Black 2000*F

-Stainless Steel full 3" Downpipe w/ waste gate recirculation port - Ceramic Coated Black 2000*F

-Stainless Steel 3" Exhaust Y-pipe w/ additional O2 bung & plug for wide band. Connects to factory exhaust. - Ceramic Coated Black 2000*F

-3 Piece Stainless Steel 3"-3.5" Cold Side Piping w/ 50mm BOV Flange and Factory MAF Flange - Powder Coated in your color choice!

-Fabricated Stainless Steel Coolant overflow tank to replace the factory. Powder Coated to match cold side piping.

-4" Thick extra large intercooler to keep IAT's low and allow for optimal performance

-Bolt on FMIC Brackets

-All V-band Clamps included and also Ceramic Coated Black 2000*F 

-All Silicone Couplers & T-bolt Clamps included

-Heat Management Package included w/ 50' Roll of 2" Wide Black Heat Wrap, Long Heat Sleeve for wiring/hoses, and Heat Blanket

-Black T4 Turbo Blanket Included 

-Comp BILLET wheel CT43 78mm Turbocharger. Triple Ball Bearing Center, Billet Center Housing. *NEW 82/75 Turbine Wheel* Your choice of .96, 1.15, or 1.32 a/r housing. POLISHED/Anti-surge Cover.

**With the Premium Package you can change out the turbo for a few other brand options from the drop down below**

-Turbosmart Hyper-gate 45 Wastegate

-Turbosmart Race-Port

-Oil Feed & Drain Line Kit


**Optional Fuel Packages from the drop-down menu are: 

#1: ZL1 Fuel Pump, ADM Fuel Pump Controller, Bosch 850cc Plug and Play Injectors. This set-up will support roughly 700 rwhp on gas.

#2: Squash Dual In-tank Fuel Pump system. Used teflon lines to be e85 compatible. For use with factory fuel rails. Bosch 127# Injectors. This set-up will support roughly 1000rwhp on gas.



*Retains all OEM Accessories less the windshield washer tank.

 *Kit is capable of producing 900rwhp on the correct engine/turbo set-up. We will not offer this kit with a turbo smaller than a 75mm turbine wheel due to the factory engine size of the Camaro SS to prevent back-pressure issue many kits on the market suffer from.  


Please view our install guide on this kit here to see how it installs very easily on your 2010+ Camaro SS:



**Kit requires: Fueling to complete, along with some basic odds and ends such as vacuum lines to run your boost reference. You need to ensure your fuel system is sufficient for the amount of power which we can handle from the drop down menu and address your PCV system set-up to prevent boosting the crankcase.


Please allow 3-7 days for powder coating of your choice

*If you have a 2010 model year car, there are some differences with the radiator/fans that may require adjustments to the coolant overflow tank.*

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Huron Speed 2010+ Camaro SS Turbo Kit - Premium Bundle Package!

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