Huron Speed Cast 7875 T4 .96 a/r Turbocharger
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Huron Speed Cast 7875 Turbocharger

*Currently rough 6 week build time. Please inquire prior to purchasing for more exact lead time*

-Journal Bearing

-Cast 78mm compressor wheel

-75mm Turbine Wheel

-T4 .96 a/r Exhaust housing with 3" V-band discharge

-Compressor housing features a 4" Inlet with a 3" Outlet, .75 a/r (much hgiher flowing than others on the market!)

-Backed by a Full 1-year warranty!

-Currently the Cast wheeel turbo is only available with the Black Compressor Housing


These units are not the same as the other Private Label from Comp Turbos with the Red Wheel. If interested in a unit with these specs in that form, please contact us directly! Thank you!


  • Item #: hsp7875c

Huron Speed Cast 7875 T4 .96 a/r Turbocharger

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