Huron Speed HS5 Billet 85mm T6 S400 Turbo
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Huron Speed HS5 Billet Wheel Turbo

*T6 S400 Chassis

*Billet 85mm Compressor wheel

*Standard S400 96mm turbine wheel w/ Journal Bearing CHRA

  **Optional 106/112mm turbine wheel w/ 3BB CHRA + Compressor Bullet Tip

*T6 1.32 ar Twin Scroll Turbine housing with S400 20* Discharge

*POLISHED Huron Speed Compressor cover with 5" Inlet, 3.5" V-band discharge

This unit is built specifically for Huron Speed by Comp Turbo. Drops right into our V3 T6 kits or a drop-in replacement to any T6 S400 turbo.


We typically have the most popular units in stock, however please contact us before ordering to check current availability and lead time. If a unit is not on the shelf, typically build time is 2-4 weeks. Thank you!

  • Item #: HS5685

Huron Speed HS5 Billet 85mm T6 S400 Turbo

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