Huron Speed T4 Twin Turbo Complete Kit for C5 Corvette 97-04
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Huron Speed T4 Twin Turbo Kit for 97-04 C5 Corvette

Available now to the C5 market is the end all, be all twin turbo kit option. With Full T4 turbos right off the engine that gravity drain, full 3" exhaust, and the most compelte kit out the box, if you are looking for the absolute best turbo kit option to ever hit the market for the C5 Corvette look no futher!



INTRO Special

Being fresh to the market, we are offering a $500 off intro special on this kit plus included in the price are large additional discounts on the included Precision turbos, Turbosmart wastegates, XSPower BOV and the CTS-V AC conversion. We have a few on the shelf ready to go! With the Intro special you will receive $500 off as well as BOTH cold-side options for you to check out and choose which style you prefer! We are offering this intro special as the kit is fresh to the market so we do not have a detailed install guide to available just yet to ship with the kit. However rest assured we have a complete kit installed on our personal car and we are here to supply you with a ton of kits and avaialble 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have, provide additional photos to help, etc while we work on the installation guide!



*Custom JDS designed, fabricated sch10 Manifolds with T4 flanges

*Fits a pair of Full T4 turbos with S-cover, 60-series cover, or CT4 covers (We can drop in as large as a pair of Billet 7879's)

*Retains all OEM accessories and creature comforts such as A/C with our CTS-V Conversion Kit

*Full 3" Downpipes, no upgrades required. Full 3" exhaust all the way back to the OEM axle-back location for you to hook up the axle-back of your choice. (Remember our included exhaust is FULL 3" back to here with no neck-downs!

*Large, extremely efficient BELL 4.5" Thick core Intercooler with air-guides installed on each inlet to provide equal distribuation of air across the core along with full air shrouding to direct air-flow.

*2 options of Full 2.5" Cold-side tubing from turbos to the BELL Intercooler, 3.5" out into the Throttle body. 

*Option 1 is extremely thick 5-ply silicone recommended for the street cars. Option 2 is full stainless hard piping, more geared toward those with no front sway bar/track cars. For our Intro Special, BOTH Cold-Sides are included for your choice in using which you like more!

*Air Intake piping runs up high and over the radiator into S&B Filters to provide a complete street-friendly kit

*Turbos mounted up high and have a significant drop for oil to properly gravity drain into the oil pan, NO Scavenging pump needed!

*Bolt on HSP Fabricated engine mount pedestals and hinson shorty poly mounts included. No need to cut up factory pedestals, we include a bolt on and go solution with this kit!

*Pair of Turbonetics Billet 6162 turbos with t4 .68 or .81 ar housings

    (Can Substitute from the drop-down menu's)

*Pair of Turbosmart Hypergate 45 wastegates

*Xspower 50mm BOV

*CTS-V AC conversion kit to retain the AC on the car!

*1250+ RWHP Capable

*Much much more!


 This kit will include:

*All hotside piping in 304 stainless steel including the fabricated manifolds (321 stainless) with full 3" exhaust. Raw finish

*Both options of 2.5" Cold Side piping, stainless and silicone

*Bell 4.5" Thick intercooler w/ brackets and shroud

*All hardware

*Complete oil line kit w/ fittings

*Stainless 3" Air intake piping with S&B Filters. Polished Finish

*HSP Fabricated bolt-on engine mount pedestals and Hinson shorty poly mounts

*C6 Oil Pan direct from Scoggin Dickey w/ gasket

*All required Couplers and T-bolt Clamps

*All V-band clamps

*Detailed packing list to show everything shipped/received

*Turbonetics BILLET 6162, T4 .68 or .81 a/r turbos

*Turbosmart Hypergate Wastegates

*XS-Power 50mm BOV

*CTS-V AC Conversion Kit



 With this kit you can select different turbo options if desired from the drop down menu based on your goals, standard we are including a pair of Turbonetics Billet 6162, journal bearing T4 Turbos w/ 60-series covers which will ship direct from Turbonetics to you! Kit requires routing of your boost/vacuum lines based on preference and other components installed on the car, as well as minor grinding to the front cradle, unsused engine mount boss, and inner fender liner for cold side tubing. Extremely minimal and nothing to be concerned over (much less than all other kits on the market!)  With the right engine/turbo combination, this kit has no problem producing over 1250 RWHP! 


Please be advised that Precision turbos can be used on this kit, but require more clearancing to fit in the areas of the cradle and also the engine mounts/pedestals. Turbonetics and Comp turbos require far less clearancing!


 Product photos may some components not included such as the 3" Axle-Back. You will receive exactly what is listed above and can add in any of the optional items from the drop down menu's right here on the website! 

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Huron Speed T4 Twin Turbo Complete Kit for C5 Corvette 97-04

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