Huron Speed V1 Truck Manifold Single T4 Turbo Kit
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V1 kits are roughly 6 weeks out at the moment built per order with the following
enhancements below being put into place! 

It's back, and further enhanced! We have enchanced the V1 Kit to now include 
a Turbo Air-Filter, Oil Line kit, Blanket, and heat wrap standard! The V1 Kit
now also includes our Aluminum Cold-side with pre-drilled IAT sensor. 
$450 in added in components, now standard!
Huron Speed Products 98-02 LS1 F-body V1 Truck Manifold Turbo Kit
-Stainless Steel 2.5" crossover with T4 flange and larger WG piping
 w/ 44mm Wastegate Flange, dump to atmosphere

-Stainless Steel 3" Downpipe with 3" V-Band flange 
(3" V-band on exhaust end also for easy to add on more exhaust). 
Wideband O2 bung added w/plug

-*New* Aluminum 3" Cold side piping from turbo to FMIC to 
Throttle Body, pre-drilled IAT Sensor hole

-50mm Blow-Off Valve Flange on Cold side piping

-4" core front mount Intercooler

-All exact, specific Black Silicone couplers

-All exact, specific T-Bolt clamps

-F-body front mount intercoolers brackets 

-F-body alternator relocation brackets 

-Hardware to mount your Alternator Relocation kit, 
intercooler brackets, and turbocharger!
-*New* Oil Feed and Drain Line kit INCLUDED
-*New* T4 Turbo Blanket INCLUDED
-*New* 4" Turbo Air Filter INCLUDED
-*New* 50' Roll of Heat Wrap INCLUDED

**Requires Pusher Fans and Truck Manifolds to complete along with your Turbo, WG, BOV.
**Add these options from the drop down menu's below based on your budget/goals.

**Kit requires removal of the A/C, Low Oil Sensor, and lowering or removal of front sway bar


*Details on the Options you will find in the Drop Down Menus*

-Turbos. We have a stock of Turbonetics TC78s, 7875s, and 7575s on the way. All other turbos will be built per order and drop shipped directly to you after you complete your purchase.

-Coating. Please allow up to 5-10 days for your kit to get coated and shipped. We are offering the full hotside to be Ceramic Coated in Black which includes the (2) manifolds, crossover, and downpipe (4" will include the main peice, tip will be left polished). We are offering Powder Coating on the Cold Side Piping. For the Powder we have the following options for colors, Please leave one of these colors in the Special Instuctions so we know which color to spray. Flat Black. Satin Black, Mirror Blue, Mirror Green, Mirror Black, Mirror Red, Mirror Yellow, Metallic Silver, Candy Blue, Candy Red, Candy Purple, Shocker Yellow.

-Dual Fuel Pump Kit. Outright purchase, no need to send your unit in. Pricing includes OEM Quick Connect fittings. Requires return line and external Fuel Pressure Regulator and Wiring. Completely E85 compatable when using DW 200, DW 300, or Walbro 267 Pumps. Adding in the Nasty Fuel Line kit will make this a complete kit from dual pumps up to your injectors with injectors, -8 feed, -6 return, all fittings, regulator, filter, and a fuel rails.
*Piping contracted by XS-Power*

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Huron Speed V1 Truck Manifold Single T4 Turbo Kit

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