Huron Speed V2/V3 AC CLEARANCE T4 Single Turbo Kit
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Huron Speed V2/V3 CLEARANCE A/C Turbo Kit
-*Hot-side Kit w/ option to make complete 
 in the drop-down menu!

Current Lead time: Variations on the shelf, once they are gone they are gone!

-.120 wall Stainless Steel, V-banded Manifolds. Retain the OEM A/C Compressor 
 and Alternator in their factory positions. Ceramic Coated V2 and Ported V3 manifold options below

-Extra thick, V-banded, 2-piece Stainless Crossover pipe that retain 
 the Sway Bar and features our new Wastegate location 
 set-up to eliminate boost creep!

-(3) 2.5” V-band clamps for easy installation of the crossover piping
 to the manifolds.

-3” 2-piece Downpipe with Wideband O2 bung and plug.
     *Optional Turn-Down available for track day exhaust set-ups
-(2) 3" V-band clamps for easy installation of the downpipe.
OPTIONAL TO ADD IN: *V3 Cold Side + Accessories*

-3" POLISHED ALUMINUM Cold side piping from turbo to FMIC to 
 Throttle Body with Pre-Drilled IAT Sensor hole.
-Wastegate dumps to atmosphere, no longer recirculates. Allows more 
  adjustments and easier installation.
-Oil Feed and Drain Line Kit including -4an Feed line, -10an Drain line,
     and all required fittings with turbo drain flange
-T4 Turbo Blanket
-4" Turbo Air Filter designed specifically for this kit
-50' Roll of black Heat-wrap

-50mm Blow-Off Valve Flange on Cold side piping

-4" core front mount Intercooler

-All exact, specific couplers

-All exact, specific T-Bolt clamps

-F-body front mount intercoolers brackets

-Hardware to mount Turbo, intercooler brackets, and intercooler

Requires Turbo, Wastegate, BOV, and Pusher Fans to complete or you can order those 
with the kit as well from us depending on your budget and goals! Requires Turbo Style K-member 
in order to fit the piping around the A/C Compressor and steering shaft. If NOT purchasing a wastegate
with your kit from us, you will also need an extra WG discharge clamp for the recirculating tube. If you
order the wastegate from us with your kit, we will include that extra clamp for you!


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Huron Speed V2/V3 AC CLEARANCE T4 Single Turbo Kit

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