Huron Speed V3 Silverado/Sierra Intercooled Truck Kit
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Huron Speed V3 Silverado/Sierra Intercooled Truck Turbo Kit.


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V3 all new Cold Side features a much larger 4" Thick Intercooler and full 3" Aluminum Cold Side

piping with integrated 50mm BOV flange and Card style MAF flange built around 07.5-13 Front ends with factory E-fans.

Will also fit earlier 03-07 front ends with some minor tweaks to the driver's side cold side tubes

(Can advise on this if you want to contact us.)


V3 Kit Features:

-Stainless .120 wall Passenger turbo log and Stainless drivers side manifolds
-Stainless crossover with improved flex locations for easier install and alignment
-Stainless downpipe with wastegate recirculation and bung for wideband O2 sensor
-All new style of Aluminum cold side with MAF flange, 50mm BOV flange, and 4" thick intercooler
-All required Clamps/Couplers
-Included coolant line extension kit
-Included Oil feed and drain line kit
-Included turbo air intake (4") with air filter and PCV port
-Included roll of heat wrap
-Included T4 turbo blanket
-Custom A/C Line to better clear 3" Downpipe.
-Hardware to Install






Features & Benefits of the Huron Speed Truck V3 Intercooled turbo kit:

*Extra thick .120 wall stainless steel turbo manifold will have no issues holding up to the high heat and weight of the turbocharger. Worries about cracking manifolds is a thing of the past!

*Wastegate port is in the line of flow at the front of the manifold which will collect exhaust gasses from the entire system (both banks) as well as using a larger 44mm flange to control boost. No need to worry about boost creep issues! 

*Wastegate tube features a nice bellow in line for an easy install and alignment of the wastegate recirc. with the downpipe for the recirculating WG discharge!

*(2) bellows are used in the crossover pipe to allow easy alignment, seal, and connection to the manifolds. With one bellow per side it will allow easier alignment and install, as well as less stress on the system and the bellows = longer life!

*Recirculating the WG Discharge into the downpipe is a STANDARD feature!

*Bungs for Primary O2 Sensors AND for a wideband O2 with plug is a STANDARD feature!

*System as a whole was made to provide a clean looking install, using great materials, built to make for an easy install without having to fight aligning pipes together along with easy to install v-band clamps. Boost control with a proper wastegate placement was high on the list to prevent boost creep.

*4" Downpipe option available to bolt up to larger Mid-frame PT88 turbo, will dump the wastegate (no recirculation)

*Cold Side Tubing made from Aluminum provide a clean filterd air intake for the turbocharger as well as intercooler and tubing to fit all 03-13 trucks to reliable make more power with more boost utlizing cooled air from the intercooler!

*Cold Side Tubing features a 50mm BOV flange and Card Style MAF Flange with a large 4" Thick Intercooler


**Retains factory Air Condition! INCLUDES Custom A/C Line for better clearance around your downpipe!

**Intercooler and cold-side piping installation requires movement of Trans-cooler, and minor trimming possible to grill and 2 ears on bumper to fit the intercooler.



Non-Intercooled cold side kits for all 99-13' trucks are available as well, along with Hot-side Only Kits for all 99-13 trucks! See our other product listings for Complete Hot + Cold Side Kits! These are Coming Soon for the V3 version and not available for purchase as of yet.


Optional to switch out the cold side to our 99-02 style. This is build for NARROW radiator set-ups and non-HD's. Features a 3" Thick intercooler and does NOT include the accessories that the newer V3 cold side does such as the oil-line kit, blanket, air filter, and heat wrap (which is the reason for the cheaper price) 


*Include a Turbo, Wastegate, and BOV at a big discount to make your hotside kit more complete. For recommendations or questions on components, please feel free to e-mail us direct and ask at:


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Huron Speed V3 Silverado/Sierra Intercooled Truck Kit

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