Tick Performance Turbo Stage 1 Camshaft
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Huron Speed has teamed up with Tick Performance to bring you a great line up of Camshafts for your application!


New for 2013: Tick Performance proudly presents our brand new Elite Series of Camshafts specifically for LS1 & LS6 Engines!  Using the latest and greatest technology available, industry-respected camshaft expert Martin Smallwood was able to mastermind a complete line of Camshafts that are designed to meet every goal from mild to wild.  Our Elite Series of Camshafts are all manufactured by COMP Cams and feature a mixture of LXL, LSL and HUC lobes (with a few other tricks up our sleeve, as well.)  Although we suggest measuring for piston-to-valve clearance during ANY camshaft install, every Elite Series Camshaft is designed to fit in a stock engine & stock heads with adequate clearance unless otherwise noted.  These cams are designed to maximize power, reliability and valvetrain longevity.

Tick Performance Turbo Stage 1 Camshaft for LS1 & LS6 Engines
226/226 | .60x"/.60x" | LSA114+3

Designed for:  LS1, LS6, LQ4 and LQ9 Engines (325-364ci) with Cathedral Port Heads (as they're equipped with stock)
Basic Operating RPM Range:
Expected Horsepower Gains:  
35-45RWHP over the stock camshaft in a well-optimized setup (the higher the boost, the higher the gains!)
Stall Converter Required:  
Yes, 3200-3600RPM
Rear Gear Upgrade Required:  No, unless your car has an automatic transmission with a 2.73 gear (we suggest 3.23+ for automatics)
Works Well with Nitrous:  
No, designed for turbocharged applications
Will Pass Most Smog Emissions:  

Our Tick Performance Turbo Stage 1 Camshaft is an entry-level upgrade and is intended for guys who are using a small turbine single turbocharger (PT7675, PT7875, TC76, TC78, S475/83 or 87mm) with a stock cubic inch motor (especially a max effort 4.8L or 5.3L!)  You won't notice much of a difference in idle, but you'll notice a big improvement when you jump on the throttle!  We strongly suggest the use of Brian Tooley Racing Valvesprings and hardened pushrods with this camshaft (sold separately.)  Hundreds of hours were spent developing this camshaft to perform precisely the way we advertise, so as a result, changes to the LSA or any other specification of this camshaft are not available.

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Tick Performance Turbo Stage 1 Camshaft

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