V2 T4 Hot-side *CLEARANCE*
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Clearance Item!

*All clearance items are here due to being left over old stock, something a customer traded in to upgrade to a newer/different kit, or something left over from product development.

*Clearance items do NOT carry a warranty, and may come used, with scratches, or other minor flaws and with this we will do ur best to describe the clearance item as accurately to you as possible!

*Clearance items do NOT come with hardware unless otherwise noted in the description below


V2 T4 Hot-side kit!


V2 Stainless .120 Manifolds

V2 Stainless .120 Crossover

V2 Stainless Downpipe w/ Wideband Bung/Plug

*This systems appears to be use/unused however it may have been mocked up. We noticed a blem inside the crossover near the v-band flange, however this will not effect preformance of the product!

We can add in a V3 Cold Side/Accessory kit with this from the drop-down menu if you desire to make this more complete! Cold side kit would include all new cold-side piping, couplers, clamps, Oil-Line Kit, turbo blanket, roll of heat wrap, Turbo Air-Filter, Intercooler brackets and 4" Thick Intercooler

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V2 T4 Hot-side *CLEARANCE*

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