V3 Twin T4 Turbo Kit Group Purchase Final Payment
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Huron Speed V3 Twin T4 Turbo Kit for 98-02 LSx F-body



*As noted from the beginning of the sale, expected ship dates will be ~April/May. Orders will ship out in the order in which we receive your final payments. If you purchased the Priority option with your Deposit, your kit will ship ahead of schedule as noted as quickly as possibly as long as your final payment is in.


Please understand we will do everything possible to get you your kit as fast as possible!

*This item is the final payment from our Group Purchase sale and only for those that entered the sale with a deposit. If you purchase this without previously entering the sale, your order will be refunded. For everyone in the sale, this is your link to complete your purchase.


Note: Your order will ship to you in the order of which it is received among others in the sale once ready to ship.

If you are to receive either the FREE BOV's or Coupon, or Both, select none for the BOV and if you have the Coupon Code please enter that at checkout!

Also note: Any additional items may be shipped with the kit or drop-shipped direct. We will do whatever is the quickest option to get you the parts as we understand the timeframe needs.

Adding coating to your kit will add 7-10 days for the coating to be completed and cured before shipping.

Options: Dual Pump kit from Squash REQUIRES a return line. You can run your own, or if you add in the Nasty Fuel Line kit it will come with everything you need to complete the dual pump kit and give you a complete fuel system from pump up to the rails.


Kit Information:

*Our new V3 Stainless Steel, Vbanded, extra thick .120 wall Manifolds that retain the OEM Alternator location

* 2.5” extra thick .120 wall Stainless Up-Pipes, V-banded allow for easier installation with 44-46mm V-banded Wastegate ports and primary O2 sensor bungs. All piping stays ABOVE the oem sway bar!

* Pair of full 3" Stainless 2-piece downpipes routed through a Turbo Style K-member will supply the exhaust flow needed for 1500hp. Wastegates do not recirculate, they dump. Now with Wideband O2 bungs available in BOTH downpipes for tuning w/ plugs.

* OPTIONAL 3" dual front bumper exit downpipes w/ 4" exiting tips! *Requires overflow relocation. Optional downpipes allow you to run this kit with factory K-member!

* Standard 3.5" Thick Core intercooler with direct bolt on bracket, dual inlets and single outlet. 

* Optional Bell 4.5" or 6" Thick Core Intercooler with direct bolt on bracket for 1000-1500hp applications

* ALUMINUM, Polished 2.5" cold side piping from turbos to intercooler and 3.5" cold side piping from Intercooler to Throttle Body with a pair of 50mm BOV flanges and now a threaded IAT Sensor

* All necessary couplers and clamps included in this kit. Entire hotside consists of all v-band connections

* Hardware Kit included with all nuts/bolts

* Twin Oil feed and drain line kit INCLUDED

* Pair of T4 Turbo Blankets INCLUDED



*Kit requires: Stood up radiator with coolant hoses and fans to clear piping/turbo. A/C removal. Turbo Style K-member required if wanting to run the downpipes out the back. If running the OPTIONAL bumper exit downpipes, you can use the factory K-member! Requires turbos, wastegates, and BOVs as well to complete (all of which we can supply at final checkout!)


*Kit built around a pair of standard T4 Turbochargers with 3" V-band discharges such as: Turbonetics Hurricane Series (TC66-TC78), Turbonetics T-series (7575, 7875), Precision T4 w/ S trim or H trim covers (6262s through 7675s) Comp CT4s or CT43's with T4 housings (6062s through 8079s) and many many more.


*Kit RETAINS: OEM Alternator location, OEM Front Sway bar, OEM Power steering, OEM ABS (recommend removing for more clearance/adjustments)

*Kit includes POLISHED Aluminum cold-side, not Black as shown




Any questions, please e-mail direct to: huronspeedproducts@gmail.com

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V3 Twin T4 Turbo Kit Group Purchase Final Payment

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