XSPower C6 2.5" Catback *Special Offer Item*
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XSPower C6 2.5" Catback
Fits 2005-08 C6 Corvettes
Fits 2009-13 C6 Corvettes with some minor modifications to the over-axle pipes
-Made out of SS321, fully tig welded.
-1-piece design to prevent leaks at lap joint connections!
-Quad tips (Twin tips off each muffler)
-Fully polished to a chrome-like finish
-No Drone!
-Exotic sound
-Tame under cruising and screams at wide open throttle
-Includes over the axel pipes, mufflers, tips, etc
**Special Offer Disclaimer**
Systems for the special offer MAY have the following blemishes which reflect the savings on the special offer.
-Some massaging to the passenger side pipe may be required for tip alignment being all 1-piece.
-Some very minor massaging may be required to the drivers side, but typically not.
-Some minor blemishes may be in the system such as minor nicks/scratches, or polishing marks.
***Only available until supplies last!***
No returns or refunds are accepted on these special offer items, sold as is with the disclaimer.
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XSPower C6 2.5" Catback *Special Offer Item*

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